26 Instagram Accounts to Follow: Undoing Anti-Black Racism

By Liz Hensler
July 13, 2020

One common mistake White people or non-Black PoC make when they are new to undoing anti-Black-racism work is asking their Black friends or family questions they could easily find answers to with a Google search. For people in your life whose lived experience is dealing with frequent, if not constant, anti-Black racism, this can be exhausting, triggering, or distracting from the more elevated work they are trying to do. For most non-Black people, we’re catching up on information that has been there for us to seek. This info is not new for our Black community members.

A piece of advice that stuck with me early in my anti-racist self-work was: get on Black Twitter. For me, not being an avid Twitter user, this means making sure to use my social media platforms as a way to listen to more Black voices, conversations, and debates. On most social media platforms, people are voluntarily and generously sharing their knowledge, art, and experiences – a gift that, if you know where to look, should be embraced (and compensated!) and is virtually limitless. If you’re new to learning about anti-racism and are looking to connect, there is no shortage of people or content online to engage with. My preferred platform is Instagram, so for the purpose of this post, here are a few favorite Instagram accounts and heroes.

Historians and Archives:
@magthehistorian; @blackhistory; @notyourmommashistory; @blackarchives.co; @knowthyself; @africanarchives
Racial Justice Organizations and Movements:
@naacp; @colorofchange; @blklivesmatter; @yourrightscamp; @justiceforgeorgenyc; @mvmt4blklives
Anti-Racist and Feminist Activists:
@taranajaneen; @theconsciouskid; @ihartericka; @rachel.cargle; @nowhitesaviors; @shaunking
Authors, Artists, Storytellers:
@laylafsaad; @staceyannchin; @acevedowrites; @rudyfrancisco; @bmike2c; @chimamanda_adichie; @ibramxk; @ava; @tanehisipcoates
Anti-Black Racism in Academic Institutions

Recently on Instagram, Black students and alumni of high schools and universities have also started sharing their experiences of anti-Black Racism on their campuses. The below example is curated from students and alumni of my undergraduate institution – if you want to hear first hand experiences from your high school or college or want to submit an experience, I recommend searching “Black at” and your institution’s name.

I’d love to hear from you! How are you using social media to engage with anti-racist work?

Liz Hensler, MPA (she/her/hers) is the founder of Do Good, Better. She works in philanthropy in the humanitarian aid sector and has a background in NGO program management, corporate and community engagement, volunteer management, and communications. She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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