#StillSayHerName: Justice for Breonna Taylor

Photo By Charlie Lederer

Photos by Charlie Lederer
Text by Liz Hensler


Last Wednesday in Louisville, KY, the grand jury decision renewed nationwide protests seeking justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor. With only one of three officers charged, and the charge being “wanton endangerment” due to erratic shooting reaching the neighbor’s home, this feels grossly inadequate in holding the officers accountable for her death. There are still so many questions about what happened behind closed doors and calls to release the transcripts of the grand jury proceedings.

We must continue to stand for Breonna Taylor and to fight to make sure that this injustice isn’t repeated.

Grassroots Law Project has five demands for how we can continue to try to find justice, including:
  • Bringing charges to the officers responsible,
  • Immediate resignation of the Commonweath Attorney Tom Wine,
  • Passing Breonna’s Law legislation in cities across the country banning No Knock Warrants,
  • Full transparency of the grand jury transcripts and,
  • Supporting a new District Attorney candidate in Louisville (and for prosecutor’s offices across the country)

We continue to use our voices to bring attention to this injustice and to honor Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor was a driven and kind young woman, a beloved friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend. By all accounts, she radiated love and light and channeled those qualities into caring for others – professionally and personally. In her honor, we carry with us her motto, “All you can do every day is wake, pray, and slay.”

Brooklyn-based photographer, Charlie Lederer, kindly donated to us photos from the week of NYC protests leading up to Breonna Taylor’s birthday in early June. His work captures the energy and passion we all must sustain as we prevent this injustice from happening again.

*Please note: we have elected to refrain from posting portraiture photos without masks to protect protesters from retribution. If you are able to identify a person in any of the below photos, please let us know and we will remove immediately.

Charlie Lederer (he/him/his) is a Brooklyn based photographer and artist. He is passionate about documenting life in NYC including displays of activism and protest. You can find more of his work at www.charlielederer.com

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