#StillSayHerName: Justice for Breonna Taylor

Photos by Charlie LedererText by Liz Hensler9/28/2020 Last Wednesday in Louisville, KY, the grand jury decision renewed nationwide protests seeking justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor. With only one of three officers charged, and the charge being “wanton endangerment” due to erratic shooting reaching the neighbor’s home, this feels grossly inadequate in holding theContinue reading “#StillSayHerName: Justice for Breonna Taylor”

7 Key Skills for Non-Profit Staff and Free/Low Cost Opportunities to Grow

Liz Hensler 9/8/2020 The non-profit industry is as subject to inequity in skill development and upward mobility as for-profits. Non-profits notoriously pay staff low wages, while also prioritizing the hiring of people already possessing specific skills and experience. The career advantages then are given to staff who already have the personal financial means to seekContinue reading “7 Key Skills for Non-Profit Staff and Free/Low Cost Opportunities to Grow”

Building a Culture of Care

By Luigi Fu 8/20/2020 If we continue to ask our colleagues to take care of themselves, without providing them the space to do it, then we’re all doomed to burn out. In the midst of two pandemics – COVID and institutional racism – we’re sending mixed messages to our friends and colleagues that can leadContinue reading “Building a Culture of Care”

COVID and the Arts: When the Entertainment Industry Went Dark

By Wendy LaManque 8/3/2020 In January 2020, I was a little surprised when a colleague of mine at the Union (AGMA) asked that we have a meeting ASAP to discuss the potential ramifications of the Coronavirus on our industry.  At that time, I had been focusing much of my energy on sexual harassment prevention, tryingContinue reading “COVID and the Arts: When the Entertainment Industry Went Dark”

Better Resources for NGOs Serving Undocumented Students

By Jeff Simon 8/1/2020 I am a former Program Manager at iMentor, an organization providing high school students with the resources and mentorship guidance to prepare for post-secondary pathways. I am now a law student and planning to practice nonprofit immigration law and advocate for more humane immigration policies in the US. Resource sharing, inContinue reading “Better Resources for NGOs Serving Undocumented Students”

Should You Ask Your Trans Friend?

By Max Ricci 7/22/2020 Should you reach out to the only trans person you know about your trans related question, concern, or comment? Nope.  Do you want a gold star for reading an article about our vibrant trans community or watching a trans focused movie? Sorry, all out of gold stars.  Should you tell themContinue reading “Should You Ask Your Trans Friend?”

Activist Street Art

By Rachael Young 7/19/2020 Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of 2020, you’ll be familiar with the boom of artistic images emerging with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. With murals of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other victims of police brutality being painted all over the world, theseContinue reading “Activist Street Art”

Doing Something During COVID-19

By Liz Hensler July 3, 2020 First, we’ve got to get this out of the way up top – COVID-19 is not a political issue. If you believe scientists, you’ve worn your mask, stayed indoors, and limited your social contact. This is a health crisis, the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetimes.Continue reading “Doing Something During COVID-19”

Action Steps for Anti-Racist Work in your NGO

By Liz Hensler July 1, 2020 In building an anti-racist organization, it’s important to remember that change does not happen overnight. We are in this for the long haul, as we should be. Change management is key – as is remembering that all individuals, including your leadership, are at different stages of learning and unlearning.Continue reading “Action Steps for Anti-Racist Work in your NGO”