The Cowardice of Comfortable Language

By Steven Joseph July 15, 2020 I will not waste your time giving you the historical backdrop of our current (and long-standing) race crisis. The evidence is right there for you to consume. This is for those who stand on the wrong side of history. Not to “bridge gaps in understanding,” because us Black &Continue reading “The Cowardice of Comfortable Language”

26 Instagram Accounts to Follow: Undoing Anti-Black Racism

By Liz Hensler July 13, 2020 One common mistake White people or non-Black PoC make when they are new to undoing anti-Black-racism work is asking their Black friends or family questions they could easily find answers to with a Google search. For people in your life whose lived experience is dealing with frequent, if notContinue reading “26 Instagram Accounts to Follow: Undoing Anti-Black Racism”