Education in India: Making Room for Inclusion

By Theja Pamarthy 9/15/2020 It was my birthday in 2016. I was teaching a bubbly bunch of fourth graders in a public school in Chennai, India, when a child slowly walked into my classroom with an enchanting grin and sparkling eyes. Nina was sent to my class despite being two years older than her new classmates, and ourContinue reading “Education in India: Making Room for Inclusion”

Better Resources for NGOs Serving Undocumented Students

By Jeff Simon 8/1/2020 I am a former Program Manager at iMentor, an organization providing high school students with the resources and mentorship guidance to prepare for post-secondary pathways. I am now a law student and planning to practice nonprofit immigration law and advocate for more humane immigration policies in the US. Resource sharing, inContinue reading “Better Resources for NGOs Serving Undocumented Students”

Connect (Virtually): 20 Summer Learning Events

By Liz Hensler 7/23/2020 Due to COVID-19, almost all events have been moved to a virtual space. Luckily for us, this means anyone can join from almost anywhere in the world. Here is a round up of a few upcoming opportunities to engage with organizations and different topics: July: Our Voices. Our Votes. Our Time.Host:Continue reading “Connect (Virtually): 20 Summer Learning Events”

Bridging the Gaps: Equity Considerations for School Reentry

By Dan Hinderliter July 14, 2020 Educators are often regarded for their ability to adapt quickly, think on their feet, and remain flexible in the face of constant change. In the first six months of 2020, more than ever, teachers, principals, and school administrators had to respond to more challenges than in recent memory; withContinue reading “Bridging the Gaps: Equity Considerations for School Reentry”