On Being Female in Tech

By Melissa Gartland 8/11/2020 Gender bias in the world of technology. Hardly a shocking new insight, but it blatantly exists and is often shrugged off with “why should I care?” At this stage, few are surprised by the cold, hard statistics that time and time again support that men have an advantage when it comesContinue reading “On Being Female in Tech”

Sexual Harassment and Physical Boundaries in the NGO space

trigger warning: The links attached to this article contain explicit stories of sexual violation in the context of NGO work. By Liz Hensler July 12, 2020 This weekend, I watched “Bombshell” for the first time – the movie about the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News and the women who came forward (as an aside,Continue reading “Sexual Harassment and Physical Boundaries in the NGO space”